Sealed Beam Conversions

  • $69.00

  • 2 styles offered: Auto Pal (classic) + Nokya (modern)
  • High quality glass lens for maximum clarity
  • All lights sold in pairs, price is for 2 lights!
  • Heavy duty reflector
  • SAE/DOT compliant
  • Easy installation
  • Highest quality and newest technology
  • Call 24/7 customer service: 323-963-4139 or email
  • Easy no hassle returns
  • Competitive prices
  • Free Priority Mail Shipping

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Are you looking to easily convert sealed beam headlights in your classic car, commercial truck, or big rig semi with modern, replaceable bright halogen bulbs?

Look no further – our research team has found the perfect solution for you to get rid of your outdated sealed beams and install our innovative and efficient H4 style bulbs to drive with the brightest visibility and safety on the road! With a pair of these babies you can install our HID or LED conversions.

LED Headlight Store offers 2 of the best quality lenses out in the market. Auto Pal classic lenses will look stock in an older car. The Nokya are more modern looking with the smooth lens and diffusion in the reflector for a fresh look/feel. They both have leaded glass lenses for solid performance in the worst weather and strength to last.  Either is a huge step up from the junk on auction sites that are plastic and will break and rapidly oxidize. We only offer the industry’s gold standard and the most durable, high quality lenses that will dramatically improve your safety. Come in pairs.